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London Quiz

Who gave London its first name?

a) the Egyptians

b) theGreeks

c) the Romans

Which river runs through London?

a) the Thames

b) the Severn

c) the Seine

Who designed ST Paul’s Cathedral?

a) Christopher Wren

b) Benjamin Hall

c) Francis Drake

Where are the British kings and queens crowned?

a) St Paul’s Cathedral

b) Westminster Abbey

c) the House of Lords

Which birds, according to the legend, protect the Tower of London?

a) pigeons

b) ravens

c) swans

What is a “double-decker”?

a) a bus

b) a lorry

c) a ship

What is “the Globe” in London?

a) the largest department store in Europe

b) Cockney rhyming slang for hope

c) a Shakespearean theatre

Which is the only London Bridge that can be raised?

a) Tower Bridge

b) London Bridge

c) Waterloo Bridge

Where are the Crown Jewels kept?

a) Buckingham Palace

b) The Tower of London

c) The Bank of England

What is the London Eye?

a) a telescope

b) an observation wheel

c ) a newspaper

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